A Gothic Guy

There was a teen who was walking down the sidewalk one day and she sees this guy come out of a store. He was wearing all black and he had dark hair and a pale complexion. She thought he was gothic and she was interested in what gothic people do so she followed him. He went to the grocery store, the candy store, the movies, and then the pharmacy. She saw him go into a book store so she followed him. After she looked for him for a bit she saw him in the romance novels. She was getting really tired of following him so she walked up to him and said, "Listen, I've been following you all day and you haven't done anything I thought gothic people like you do you do actually?"  "Well," he said. "I'm busy on Sundays and I look at the positive things in life."  "Oh," the girl said. "I thought that you'd be doing gothic stuff."  "Ha ha, well, I don't,"he said.  "Why not?" she asked.  "I'm a reverend."

Thanks to Dunno Myname for this joke.

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