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Joke Home > Miscellaneous Jokes > *Iowa Probatory School

*Iowa Probatory School

Total Views: 7,695 Last Updated: 3/12/2005 Number Votes: 1,133 | Average: 0.03

I was just sittin’ in class waitin’ for some punk ass kid to get in trouble so I wouldn’t have to do my fucking social studies. Then, that dumbfuck Ethan slammed his white fist into the window and broke the screen off. Mr. Dalton took that white bastard outside and locked the door. Me and some homies T-Mac and Andrew talked about stupid liar Ethan and how he always talks about his cars.  Retarded Ethan said he was drag racing in a Hummer and he put hydraulics on a Mercedes Bin and was bustin’ switches. Why the fuck would someone put damn hydraulics on a fuckin’ Mercedes? He says he got shit like a 72-inch plasma TV, or a pit bull that costs 2 million dollars. He said his dad’s bank account was in Japan because the banks in America couldn’t have that much money.  Anyway, while Mr. Dalton was watching Ethan’s retarded ass outside, Ms. Claudia, Andrew, me, and T-Mac were playing Uno, and that dumb crybaby Turd Sniffin’ Todd Griffin was playing on the playstation while he sat on Daniel’s desk, Since Todd isn’t fortunate enough to touch other people’s desks, Daniel was all, “GET THE F**K OFF MY DESK TODD,”  That crybaby Todd didn’t even reply, and Daniel pushed that mother fucker Todd right off the desk. Todd hit the ground and put his broken glasses back on. Todd was like, “FUCKER!”  Daniel cussed that bitch out like, “what the fuck stupid crybaby retarded asshole Todd, you fucking redneck poor crap shoes.”  Then that fu Ethan got brought into Bur 3, which stands for ‘Boarded Up Room 3’and Andrew, T-Mac, and I were watching Mr. Dalton and Ethan going at it. Then T-Mac went outside and got a police sticker from Officer. T-Mac said the cops were coming in and right when we heard the Police coming up the ramp, Andrew and I ran the fuck back to our seats as the cops went into Bur 3 to deal with Ethan. For the next few minutes, we saw some serious shit, and then that white fucker Ethan got handcuffed and that supposedly bad ass mother fucker was crying because he had to spend the night at Juvenile Hall. Ethan was 14 and that dumbass was crying just like Turd Sniffin’ Todd Griffin. 

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

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