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Joke Home > Miscellaneous Jokes > *Rap (You must have a high vocabulary to decode these rap lyrics I wrote)

*Rap (You must have a high vocabulary to decode these rap lyrics I wrote)

Total Views: 8,550 Last Updated: 3/20/2005 Number Votes: 982 | Average: 0.02

I beat the fuck out of a fucking duck, from sucking puck and trucking luck, I set fire, to the strange tower, arranged power to estrange sour from changed cowards. They are brave now to save, how? And raved cows dance on the shaved brows of the tame sows of Cambrouse? I was with this dumb fu Ethan and his Mercedes Bin, for his, her ladyís kin, of the pure Katieís men, how many pigged in, of that ladyís sin? That slut has so many abortions, many contortions of demotions from commotions of South East and Central potions. The radiation from, the nuclear bomb, would shoot me her thong, or root me her bong, to loot me, of song, or to boot me in wrong looting mystery congs from misery pongs. I was just sitting in social studies, when dumbass Ethan blew off the screen in class. Mr. Dalton took that bitch outside, while I bust and rhymed Ethanís lust banned time, Ethanís ass was mine, Mr. Dalton beat it again and again while sinister bagelís chin, of Katieís mystery men, for Blistery kins, of several nationsí patience while I went to another station, if yo shit lasted longer, you raggedy humor would prolong her from no bong hurl, thereís a big ass mackerel that sends Jack a furl that scratches his dear old Marlboro. I beat the fuck out of unlucky Donald Kelly, Fondled Smelly, on his belly from coppin jelly, he cried with a sea of tears, I ran up to him all, ďcome here,Ē he resisted, I insisted, on the ass kicking of that ficking rat lippiní fat pippin. I trash canned his ass and pushed him on the glass till his skin got a rash, I fucking hate that asshole Ethan Franks that bastard, Iíll kick his fat ass turd back up the hole to his fast bird, but I flipped it back and I heard him Quack dumb Donald Duck, stupid dumbass, you eat shit, and beat Chris, the dog with a frog with the fucking tucking tog that ate the niggerís trigger that replaced the husbands bigger gun than you, heíll shoot your Q to go to the rule fool duel in a Tooled mule relay. I kick the ass on Superbowl Sunday, I beat the shit out of that bitch Ashley too, Ashleyís a fool, that stupid dumbass cruel bitch who looks in the bathroom at tits, she fucks squirrels for walnuts and sucks pearls for call sluts she never showers or inhales powers from ours world of weed seed that need bead reads. She got Equwon all upset and he told her to be set, for when he kicked her ass all da way to Quebec, heíll fuck her up, and muck her dup yup from drinking games from Parlor cities, how big are her titties from mister Beepís stomach to the rum hack of brummage down to a slum shack, Iíll stab her with a thumbtack cuz I want her mom back. That stupid slut, mother fuck, dumb ass luck with the cuffs of the Netherlands, I beat her up with my hands and scruffed her neck from my tans. I beat the fuck out of that bitch on January 5, and tanned my airy slit with panned scary shit. I eyed the fuck from that dinosaur plucked, from back in time, Iím back in rhyme, Iím lacking my, right to sue you with the fool ya flew while I fucked with you, I love it I smoke it the green hit I toke it, in a pipe cuz the bong I broke it, when I take a fat rip I choke it you know it I grow it, so fuck you white boy, Iíll fuck your ass up one last time with my rhyme that obliterates your hineÖy you are tiny to a midget that fidgets with faggedy tidbits from government files, coloring miles from Southern trials of Texan fliers, Iíll kick a cactus plant from Saxtusís aunt, I beat the shit out of a kitted doubtful about Sam or Joe reading this about her, If you are reading this then you are a breeding sis, Iíll beat you up with sleeping cups of freaking ducks. You eat shit from Iraq, my crack, can shit on you, you fucking fool that ainít cool and Iíll stop rhyming cuz you a dumb mule. A detonation of desperation will swoop across the nation, because of your desecration while you had intoxication from a medication for cancer patients.

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

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