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Joke Home > Miscellaneous Jokes > 10 ways to get free/discounted stuff

10 ways to get free/discounted stuff

Total Views: 7,122 Last Updated: 11/20/2007 Number Votes: 996 | Average: 0.03

1. At a fast food restaraunt, get a friend to run by and steal your order, then they'll make you another order.    2. On one of those machines where u put a quarter in and twist until the quarter drops, just tape the quarter in place and keep turning it.    3. Go to a pizza place and say u ordered a half pepperoni half sausage pizza, but that they delivered a full pepperoni pizza, and that the manager said you could have discounted pizza the next time you came. This worked 4/4 times I tried it. It's no trouble for the employee and they won't want to deal with an angry customer.    4. On some of the machines that have coin rejection buttons, you can put your money in, then unplug the machine and press coin reject at the same time, then after u get ur money back and plug the machine back in, the machine thinks your money is still in there.    5. Find out the number of a fast food restaurant, ("Find a Burger King" is the easiest way to do it), then go to one of the Burger Kings and ask for employee discount, and give the address of another Burger King in town, they'll ask you for the number of the burger king, then just give them the number and they'll believe ur really an employee.    6. If you work at a store, then get a friend to go shopping there, and when he's checking out, pretend to scan what he's buying, but really only scan a few things, then meet up later with your discounted merchandise.    7. If you don't work at a store, you can still get discounted merchandise, but it's more risky, just switch price stickers from a cheap product to an expensive product, but not too cheap or it causes suspicion.    8. Buy something with a discount card, then return it without the discount card or receipt, and exchange it for something of lesser value. The employee thinks you paid the full price for the item, and gives you the difference in money.  Example: (You buy something that costs $10, but get it for $8 with a 20% off card, then return it for something that costs $5, you get $5 back because he thinks u paid $10, so basically you just paid $3 for a $5 item, when it would've cost $4 with the discount card).    9. Just buy something cheap from a store inside a mall, then go to another store in the same mall and fill the bag with stuff you didn't pay for and just walk out. (You may want to buy something cheap from that store too, to not cause suspicion)    10. If you don't want to be carrying a bag of stolen merchandise, you can just get some pants that have 2 layers of fabric, cut a slit in them near your waist, cover the slit with your shirt, and just randomly slip in merchandise when nobody is looking, the merchandise will fall inside the pants near your feet but won't fall out since it's between two layers of fabric

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

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