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Joke Home > Miscellaneous Jokes > 20 Prank Calls

20 Prank Calls

Total Views: 6,475 Last Updated: 8/26/2006 Number Votes: 1,111 | Average: 0.02

...20: Look up a name in the phonebook and tell them you have boxes of pornography sent to that person... ...19: Call the pizza hut in Inglewood and ask if their Mexican workers get paid less (it has to be the one in Inglewood or it won't be as funny)... ...18: Call a delivery restaurant and give their own address as the destination... ...17: Leave a sexually explicit message to a random name in a phone book... ...16: Pretend to be a telemarketer selling extra large condoms... ...15: Tell the person that you're from the "Head" foundation, and ask if they can donate their services freely... ...14: Pretend to be the FBI and ask if they've seen any kung fu ninjas on the loose in their area... ...13: Call the same person a bunch of times in a sexual voice and say, "DAMNIT! THAT BITCH GAVE ME THE WRONG NUMBER... ...12: Pretend like u found their number on Joe's cell phone and ask if they know where he is because you're going to "kick the shit out of him"... ...11: Pretend to be a phone survey asking how often they masturbate... ...10: Leave a message pretending to be a radio station giving away $1,000 and say that they don't get the money because nobody is picking up the phone... ...9: Go into an outburst on government conspiracies and tell them to spread the word... ...8: Tell the guy that you killed a bunch of people once, and that he's next... ...7: Solicitate phone sex... ...6: Ask if there is anyone in their household who ordered boxes of illegal fireworks... ...5: Pretend like a retarded child who is playing with their phone... ...4: Pretend to be angry and demand that their son give you your 15 cents he owes u... ...3: call the police from a payphone and tell them that u have just been murdered... ...2: Tell the person on the line to violently force a fork up their ass... ...1: Call back the same person; pretend to be the police asking if there have been any prank calls to that house, and tell them that you have caught the prankster and that it is now safe to remove the fork from anus

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Miscellaneous Jokes > Joke 19 of 378 in the Miscellaneous Jokes category.
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