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Joke Home > Dirty Jokes > "How they killed the Texas Eel"

"How they killed the Texas Eel"

Total Views: 39,430 Last Updated: 2/2/2004 Number Votes: 1,152 | Average: 0.63

"How they killed the Texas Eel"       Little Johnny was about 10 years old and curious as only a boy  should be. He had been hearing a lot about courting from other  boys so he asked his mother how it was done. She told him to  hide behind the curtains some night and watch his sister and her  boyfriend. So Johnny did and this is what happened (or at least  his version).    "Sis and her boyfriend sat and talked awhile, then turned out  all the lights except the blue one, then he started kissing her,  and for some reason he put his hand inside her blouse. She  started giggling and ooing, then he put his hand up her skirt,  when he did this she began to moan and sigh.    Then she slowly moved to the other end of the couch till she was  lying down. I think she had a backache, then he rolled over and  unzipped his pants and pulled out a Texas Eel. I don't know what  it was doing in there but it was 8" long and 2" wide. He held it  in his hands so it wouldn't get away. Sis tried to help him, so  she got a tight grip on it, she spread her legs far apart and  stuck this eel between her legs and got a good scissors hold on  it. He helped by lying on top of Sis to keep the eel from moving.    The eel put up a hell of a fight though. Sis squalled and her  boyfriend nearly up set the couch. For a minute there I thought  the damn thing was getting away but Sis grabbed it just as it  was slipping out and stuck it back in.    Soon they both gave a large sigh and stopped moving. First they  let the eel move but it didn't. It tried to get away but her  boyfriend got up and the thing was dead. It just hung there  limber as a hot water bottle and its end was dripping. Sis and  her boyfriend were all tired out from the battle. They started  kissing and loving again and by God if that damn thing didn't  come back to life again, so the battle started again.    Well it sure was the best wrestling match I ever saw. This time  they really killed the eel. I saw her boyfriend pull its skin  off and flush it down the toilet."   

Thanks to Brandon Tills for this joke. 

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