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Total Views: 10,312 Last Updated: 4/19/2005 Number Votes: 995 | Average: 0.06

Donald Kelley is such a racist, it's incredible. He's just mad because even 8-year olds beat the crap out of his retarded ass. Donald tells so many lies and he talk way too goddamn fucking much. He's a retarded hillbilly redneck mother fucker and it's hard for him to see with his head up his ass. His breath knocked a buzzard off a shit wagon and he stares too much when women's buttcracks show while they sit down. Donald's mom is a stripper who doesn't get tipped cuz she's an ugly ass btich, in fact, people only tip her cuz they want her to put her fucking clothes back on. Donald is a very gay and ignorant man. He even shoves popsicle sticks up his hairy ass. Donald thinks he's all bad since he has a 1 milimeter mustache, but his mustache is really his dad's pubic hairs that got stuck on with sperm. Donald fucks his family members and he's a dumb creepy bald shit face. Eric mooned him and he got all pissed off. I know he liked it, cuz Donald has two dicks. One is half an inch he uses to pee, and the other one is 1 inch he uses to dumbfuck his cousins. He lives in a torn down shack in the middle of a field, and he sticks his finger up cows' asses and thinks he's bad because his dad owns a gun shop and lets Donald own guns. Even Cristal (4 foot 9) (85 pounds) can beat the shit out of him. Cristal always stands at the door during class, so that screwup redneck gaywad shitface has to jump out the window if he wants to go to the bathroom. He's afraid of dodgeballs and he beats his meat during class. Ashley wants to fuck him, but Donald is a gay ass fucked small dick pansy and only rapes small boys and male dogs. If nothing was illegal, I'd slam a brick on that asshole's face or shove his head down a toilet and repeatedly flush it. That stupid white-bred dumbass better not fuck with me cuz I'm the OG from down on the Westside, and i'd get my peoples to fuck his ass up, but he might like it if we do that, so I guess I'll get my whores Shinequa and Laquesha to start dancing naked in front of him, that ought to be agony for him. I FUCKING HATE DONALD and he'll be crying when I'll be tying a frying pan to his can-can so whhen he walks he'll feel like a dying Afghan. Donald is a stupid ignorant mother fucker and sucks shit out of other people's assholes and needs to have his dick eaten by a pig. He's a dumb asshole shit face retarded gay ignorant pansy ass, fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu white trash hobo hillbilly poor ass dumb bad fucker

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Insults > Joke 16 of 325 in the Insults category.
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