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Total Views: 10,248 Last Updated: 4/26/2005 Number Votes: 862 | Average: 0.08

I fucking hate Ethan Franks, or as I call him (Queefan Stanks)    He's a fucking shit face who thinks he's a bad mother fucker, but he's actually just a fat stupid ignorant white boy who wears too much cologne and needs to learn how to wear a belt. He's had more girlfriends than everyone in Hollywood combined, but all the girls he dates are just stupid dumbfuck airhead whores who will give their body to anyone. Ethan thinks he's handsome and funny, but he's an ugly stupid bastard who laughs at everything even though it's not funny, and he freakin talks too much. Ethan always brags about how many times Sara has gotten on top of him. Sara weighs 190 pounds, that must hurt like hell, and besides, everyone else knows Sara is an ugly ass whore who aborted her pregnancy when she wasn't even a teenager yet.  Back to Ethan. Ethan is a fucking liar and always talks about his cars. He says he has a Cadillac Escalate and he drag races in Hummers. And who the fuck would put hydraulics on a Mercedes Bin? He always says he got some new shit like an 83-inch plasma screen TV or a pit bull that costs 2 million dollars. He even said his dad's bank account was in Japan because the banks in America couldn't have that much money. At least Ethan has never dated Ashley.  Ethan's shorts are constantly falling off and if a breeze blows on his shirt, his buttcrack will show, and NOBODY WANTS TO FUKIN SEE THAT. He scratches his balls and plays with the dirt he pulls off them. His twin brother is a shit filled grimy toilet overflowing with maggots. Ethan is a stupid fake lying bitch who needs a haircut and needs to get his cheap ass out there and get some goddamn deodorant. Ethan's mouth runs on and on about his expensive possesions and his eighty girlfriends. Even the bus drivers are constantly telling him to shut the fuck up. Ethan's uncle and his aunt used to live across the street from me, I don't know how I ever survived with those white trash across the street. I have constantly hear this piece of shit revving the engine of a ugly hunk of junk firebird. The guy hasn't worked for three years. Does he have a meth lab in the basement or what? Well, enough o' that shit, I can't think of anything else I hate about that bastard Ethan, except that at the rad dance I'll ad-vance on his bad stance and send him into a mad trance.

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Insults > Joke 17 of 325 in the Insults category.
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