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Total Views: 178,899 Last Updated: 5/2/2008 Number Votes: 1,249 | Average: 0.08

The moderator on kungfuchess.com needs to die, The_Jedi is a stupid mother fucking piece of donkey waste who lives in his parentsí basement and reads comic books all day while he jacks off to Tuboís cock, Jedi u horrible fuckup stop banning ppl just beacause they rape you, jedi is so miserable in his worthless drunken life that he wants to make everyone as miserable as him, but that will never happen because nobody else has to suck their fatherís cock just to afford rent, u know jediís mustache isnít real itís just his dadís pubes, jedi why donít you just crawl into a snake pit and die nobody gives a flying fuck about ur retarded ass you mother fucking cock sucking dog shitted on hog humping gopher molesting bitch mongrel u dickfuck, if everyone on kfc knew where ur parentsí house was, you would have a chainsaws and pitchforks through your ass in no time, everyone would be fighting over who gets to stab you first and who gets to keep your head, even your star wars action figures want to massacre the hell out of you because they are fucking sick and tired of being used for anal stimuation while you watch ur parents 69ing. jedi u sad fucked up moron, go to hell and die while demons blowtorch your cock off and satan strangles you with ur own intestines, you can just rot in a fiery furnace of flaming elephant shit while Hitler and Stalin make fun of how much people hate you, if u mess with me Iíll fucking rip off ur long ass toenail and use it to carve a pit into your ball sack while you bleed everywhere and I laugh and videotape it and post it on youtube, cuz Iím the OG from up on the eastside and I get my homies T-Mac and Gandalf to unleash a tiger upon ur ass. I FUCKING HATE THAT FUCKFACE WASTE-OF-A-BODY JEDI, I WILL FUCKING SHOVE A KNIFE DOWN HIS THROAT AND CUT OFF HIS HEAD, THEN IíLL RIP OUT HIS HEART AND DANCE TO THE BEAT, THE BASTARD NEEDS TO LIE IN A CREVICE FULL OF VENOMOUS SPIDERS AND CRY OUT TO THE WORLD, BUT NOBODY WILL HEAR HIM BECAUSE THEY DONíT GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT HIS RETARDED ASS. u fuckup jedi, u try to act all bad on the internet but ur just some faggoty cracker who has nothing going on for him so u have to ban superior players to make yourself feel good, but take away your admin powers and ur just a worthless gigolo retarded dirty fatass fecal feliac ass spelunker who licks rat turds off the basement floor and smells like dried rat shit rotting in fish oil mixed with a sweat sandwich from the inner netting of a sumo wrestlerís jock strap after he spread his cheeks toward the sun, take away jediís comic books and he is a miserable lame excuse for a human who needs to die to make hundreds of kfcers happy that the corrupted mod is in hell now, take away jediís star wars action figures and he has no reason to live so the cum guzzling piece of waste might as well get trampled by lawn mowers and his house bombed by disappointed muslims who want their blowjob change back, now finally, take away jediís picture of Tuboís cock and he has nothing left to live for, he can just look back at his worthless crappy life and slowly go blind from self abuse, and finally end up blowing a bullet through his brain so that maybe he can be reincarnated into someone who actually matters.

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

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