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Joke Home > Pickup Lines > Submitted Pickup Lines

Your Pickup Lines

These are the lines submitted by viewers to this website like you.  If you would like to add your own, click Here.

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Y9R0O2 <a href="http://bpslqvckgvdo.com/">bpslqvckgvdo</a>, [url=http://xpywhikcsjhz.com/]xpywhikcsjhz[/url], [link=http://xvblxyzrfvho.com/]xvblxyzrfvho[/link], http://ivktiqqbfnol.com/
From tnuqxeg tnuqxeg on 5/29/2015

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From isihfd isihfd on 3/31/2015

tTAPs6 <a href="http://xrlimauxauzj.com/">xrlimauxauzj</a>, [url=http://xbdlpybknapy.com/]xbdlpybknapy[/url], [link=http://ncgjxeptiqcn.com/]ncgjxeptiqcn[/link], http://etjgmqffokdj.com/

B3Modo <a href="http://knayzohivxye.com/">knayzohivxye</a>, [url=http://cllmrbrwwwhu.com/]cllmrbrwwwhu[/url], [link=http://hohclboiqxqf.com/]hohclboiqxqf[/link], http://fvbgfwjgbhhs.com/
From Big Papa on 3/5/2015

balls in yo mouth
From Sam Mas on 2/16/2015

Are you feeling down? Can I feel you up?
From Ezekiel Haynes on 5/10/2014

Is your phone in your back pocket? because that ass is calling me
From gary steinmann on 5/20/2013

p/up line: do you drink coffee? answer y/n good lets have sex.
From shawn hopkins on 1/8/2013

What do u say to a working broad when they piss u off?
At least i dont suck #%@& 4 a living.
From Ryan B on 12/6/2012

Wanna play house? You can be the door I 'll slam ya!
From seaweed perry on 6/16/2012

do you think all guys think with their penis? then will you blow my mind?
From john kelly on 11/23/2011

how heavy is a polar bear , heavy enough to break the ice
From nate jim on 9/27/2011

my dick is like an airplane, it gives girls orgasms.
From Tony Wilk on 9/13/2011

go up to a girl and say "excuse me, I couldnt help but notice you have something in your eye"... (girl usually itches their eye) You then say: "Nevermind its just a sparkle"
From nicole ellis on 9/22/2010

love is sensation
caused by temptation
a guy sticks his location
in a girl's destination
to increase popolutiondid u got my explanation
or need a demonstration
From scott h on 7/31/2010

Call me milk I'll do your body good
From chance fowler on 7/12/2009

want 2 go 2 my bush gardens & ride my shekra
From chance fowler on 7/11/2009

ur like lasanya wit cheez & im the garlic bread that goes good with it
From bigdaddy d big daddy d on 6/14/2009

Do you have a little black in you? (No) want to? AIN'T NO SHAME IN MY GAME I TELL IT LIKE IT IS!
From Rafael De La Isla on 5/15/2009

Nice legs, what time do they open?
From Bob the Builder on 4/10/2009

hey sugar slow down cause im a diabetic
From j l on 3/11/2009

lets have sex
From Josh Bennett on 2/7/2009

Did someone name a race-track after you? Because you've got the curves!
From Jeffy Fork on 1/16/2009

(Do somthin stupid and say:) idoped the ball on that one why not pick it up real slow
From Jeffy Fork on 1/16/2009

i droped my pen why don't you bend down real slow and pick it up
From demetrius moore on 1/16/2009

my love is like a fart built up and everywhere
From me gay on 1/12/2009

ya want aids cause i could give em to ya
From birtha jean on 12/24/2008

something must be wrong with my lungs, cause baby, they won't breathe whenever i think about you.
From Devin Shippee on 12/11/2008

i forgot my phone number can i have yourse?

From Devin Shippee on 12/11/2008

is there a keg in your pants?
Because i would like to tap that.
From WILFRIDO CAMACHO on 10/16/2008

From vala camario gang on 10/2/2008

From dana mcfarland on 9/16/2008

You ask a girl on a Hot day this:"Are you hot"? she says("yes")You say:Then stay that way.
From Nykengie Alexander on 7/3/2008

Baby when god made u he made me 2...dame we the bomb
From tristen langen on 6/23/2008

Ask a hot girl,"Hey, would you tell someone if you went camping, woke up and found a condome in you vagina? If she says no, ask her,"Do you want to go camping?
From marwa aryine on 6/12/2008

hey, you is your father a terresist cause your the bomb
From asdfsdfs daadsds on 6/8/2008

Scream and I'll shoot!
From calah w on 5/26/2008

did you just get off the barbaque pitt becasue you are smoking
From Captain Morgan on 5/21/2008

Fuck me if im wrong..but you wanna kiss me!
From bill gill on 3/25/2008

Do you have a tredmail?[if yes]Good because i keep losing you
From Andrew Jackson on 2/29/2008

Did it hurt? (she says "when") guy: when you fell from heavin
From Andrew Jackson on 2/29/2008

Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because i can see myself in your pants
From joey kennedy. on 1/27/2008

worst pickup line ever:do you like startrek?
From joey kennedy. on 1/27/2008

hey, you wanna earn a doller?
From joey kennedy. on 1/27/2008

ask me about my wiener.
From garrett norworthy on 1/18/2008

do u have a map (no why?) cause im lost in ur huge boobs
From Justine Richmond on 1/18/2008

I like every bone in your body. Even mine.
From day cdfs on 12/30/2007

If my mouth was full of skittles, would you taste the rainbow?
From Quentin Holguin on 12/21/2007

Nice legs, when are they open?
From Christian Ross on 12/11/2007

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